Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Horror of it allll!!

So I formatted my comp, for my first time ever, to get it working smoother..BUT...I FORGOT TO SAVE MY FONTS! Thousands of fonts, millions of hours or searching...gone...but thats not what hurts no, its that the work that I had done for fun but never saved as a jpeg or outlined the now RUINED! win some you lose some right?

Logo / Textile Module.


Less Paper, More Sharpie.

I had an idea for a really cool gift for my I ordered a blank board, bought an oil paint sharpie, and at the end had the center engraved at a laser cutter with Lupe Fiasco's logo :) good times.

So I found some old records and decided to sacrifice one to the gods of free time. Acrylic paint/ spray paint, and a couple of good ol' sharpies.